Project Knowledge Center and Clearinghouse

Our client’s Real Estate & Facilities (RE&F) team needed a method for tracking changes to their facilities’ documents, such as architectural, mechanical, and electrical drawings. Drawings were continually updated as remodels and other physical property changes occurred, but there was not a methodical process to synchronize those changes in one centralized location. To answer this need, Buildingi developed and deployed a website, initially developed as a custom .NET application and eventually migrated to SharePoint. The site focused on the delivery of portfolio-wide information and was branded the Project Knowledge Center (PKC). All members of the PKC (nearly 3,000 users) are granted access to this common knowledge base containing a Building Master Archive, key forms, process documents and information sources enabling the design and construction teams to engage efficiently. This concept of an externally accessible resource was later extended to deliver design and construction guidelines, capital planning tools and global workplace analysis engines. The Project Knowledge Center resulted in a massive improvement to the quality of data available to those working with RE&F—both internally and externally—by eliminating past obstacles to sharing information through undefined channels. Removal of these barriers has seen project and facility data collected from the PKC easily driven into the support of internal processes and tools such as global space management, security device provisioning and IT system deployment.

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