Flexible Work Program & Zoom Rooms

Buildingi is PROUD to offer a flexible work program!

Flexible work programs greatly increase productivity and personal growth for our employees. In fact, studies show only 3% of people come up with their best ideas at work (Evans). We want our employees to keep their minds creative and outlooks positive.

Our motivation behind implementing a flexible work program here at Buildingi has been to give our valued employees the flexibility and independence they need to structure their work and personal lives according to their needs. All while allowing us to strengthen our core values:

  • Do good work
  • Create success
  • Always grow
  • Be GREAT people


When we first rolled the program out, one of our main concerns was – how do we maintain the team collaboration dynamic we were used to and also maintain daily in-person contact?

Face-to-face meetings and team collaboration are super important to the success and culture of our business. So, after months of testing out different video conferencing solutions we came across Zoom. Zoom is a software-based video conferencing system that has given Buildingi the benefits of face-to-face meetings while allowing employees to work from anywhere! When Zoom Rooms were implemented in our Costa Rica office, our team down South finally felt like they were fully involved in the collaboration happening in the US.

Here is some feedback from our employees:

  • “Our setup for remote connection, using Zoom technology in part, gets about as close to face to face as you can get. Whether meeting in a conference room, connecting with others who are all in a conference room, or meeting one on one, it feels like you are in same room. It is a powerful way to connect and collaborate”-Tom Rayner, COO.


  • “My experience with Zoom rooms has been very positive. Zoom helps us have better communication. It is helpful to see the face of the person on the other side, so we can understand each other better and feel closer.  The experience is almost as if we were in the same office.”- Yidith Yesenia Covaleda, Administrative Manager


  • “Over several years, our company has been searching for better ways to improve communication between our two offices (Bellevue and Costa Rica) we have had lots of technical difficulties and tested lots of different video conference tools in real time, with pretty much the same results, poor quality. However, with the implementation of Zoom systems in all of our conference and focus rooms, we have achieved the level of communication that we were looking for. The desktop app and the mobile app works like a charm, the ability to easily connect to existing meetings or share content is just amazing. Scheduling meetings and working remotely has improved without comparison. Our team is now connected; working from home and attending meetings, does not represent a risk anymore. Zoom gives our collaborators flexibility and motivates a good working environment and efficiency. We are very happy with how this system has impacted our day-to-day work.”- Douglas Azofeifa, Services Manager


Want to learn more about Zoom? See the articles below for more tips and information:



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