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Dynamic approaches to problem solving – both for us and others:
As a company whose roots began in a trailer of a construction company in 1996, we’ve since had the opportunities to partner with Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, government agencies and universities. We pride ourselves in our diverse clientele. An example of this is back in 2008, when the recession hit: As business began to decline, we decided to look at another sector we could benefit: Fire Stations. At the time, fire stations were in desperate need for updated collaboration sites. Through this new partnership we were able to help our new-found clients stay current, while continuing to provide the same outstanding level of service for our already established customers.


We stay true to our brand and stand strong behind our offerings – bridging the gap between IT and the end user. By making information available to everyone, we help your talent be more productive and increase efficiency over the entire organization. However, just like our diverse array of clientele, our role as a consultant also evolves. We know how to use our solutions in dynamic ways.


We began work for a private foundation in 2011 helping them gather reporting on their real estate portfolio. As the challenges within the organization changed, our role shifted as well. We began by simply implementing technology and grew within the engagement to provide technical consulting, IWMS system maintenance, and eventually support managing foundation-wide organizational changes like building remodels and move assistance.


An issue we helped solve for with the foundation involved their newly renovated and redesigned floor in their headquarters. From leadership’s perspective, it felt empty, however, the people working on the floor said it was always full. By facilitating both employee surveys and placing sensors on the individual workspaces, our results revealed that many employees would leave their belongings at a desk and go work at another “station”, since the floor plan was open seating. Therefore, people were essentially taking up two spaces per person. Insight such as this help quickly find solutions to problems that would otherwise be wasting resources and adding to cost in productivity.


Your company is ever-changing and growing – so are we. We’re here to help every step of the way.


We’re constantly evolving in a world that is becoming more globally integrated every minute of the day. In a world of constant change, a business that strives to evolve is a business that thrives and endures- a business that resists change struggles to keep up. Buildingi is a business who evolves and stays ahead of workplace and business technology.

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