Center of Excellence Site Consolidation

Microsoft Real Estate & Facilities (RE&F) manages the company’s portfolio of properties across five continents, which is comprised of nearly 33 million square feet of office space in more than 100 countries including the corporate headquarters in Redmond, Washington. The Real Estate and Facilities Center of Excellence (REFCOE) and the Real Estate and Facilities Integrator (REFIntegrator) teams managed two main sites that supported both RE&F employees and their vendor resources. These sites contained critical information that helped with many aspects of RE&F’s day to day activities, from training collateral and organization information, to platform playbooks, role guides, and design guidelines. Users of both sites complained of inconsistent user experiences across these two sites with content often difficult to find and oftentimes duplicated on the REFCOE and REFIntegrator sites. Because this content is crucial to RE&F business, Microsoft enlisted Buildingi to develop a new site that consolidated the two sites, leveraging SharePoint 2013 functionality thereby eliminating duplication while making the task of finding information much easier for the end user.

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