Are you talking to your Portfolio? If not, we will show you how you will be soon!

Innovation in technology within Corporate Real Estate can take many forms. Much is, and has been, focused upon virtual workplace, capturing utilization, Business Intelligence and reporting, building automation, collaboration technologies and so on….but you won’t find much out there in the realm of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning within the industry. Buildingi will take you on a journey in the emerging technology of how AI will be flipping your interactions with your current technology tools on its head. Learn about how AI is building efficiency, adding productivity AND thrilling your teams by making the technology they use on the daily a less encumbered experience. And the ever-elusive quantifiable ROI is, in fact, quantifiable!

Come to the September 12th Corenet Carolinas Chapter event to see how Artificial Intelligence and the use of bots are making people’s time matter again in CRE