"…For anyone looking for an ethical, intelligent, and driven company to deliver high quality service and manage complex projects, I would highly recommend Buildingi to fill this role. I have worked with many vendors in my fourteen years at Microsoft and Buildingi ranks at the top of my list for teams that I can depend on to help me reach my strategic and tactical technical goals."

Executive Communications Director, Microsoft Corp

"Buildingi is one of the few partners selected to be part of the SharePoint Studio."

Principal Solution Manager, Discovery & Collaboration, Microsoft

"Whether it is a technical tool implementation, intricate integration of enterprise data or the diplomatic engagement with our internal customers, I find Buildingi to be a direct extension of my ability to meet my professional commitments."

Workplace Strategy Manager – Global Workplace Resources, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

"With their broad industry expertise, they can access a wide variety of rare skills when tackling each problem. You don’t just get the worker bee, but rather a whole team providing professional insight along with creative solutions for each assignment that arises."

Director, Corporate Real Estate and Facilities, Starbucks

"…the Buildingi team has proven their worth as strategic partners, skilled with project/program management, adept problem solving and prompt, courteous service. … The team provided a highly successful initial implementation and service support model throughout the life of the product…"

Senior Strategic Program Manager, Grubb & Ellis

"In summary, I would highly recommend Buildingi. Their dedicated work ethic aimed towards partner success and professional members make them a natural choice to engage for a successful project team."

Senior Project Manager, Jones Lang LaSalle

"The whole team consistently presented creative solutions (sometimes to problems that weren't even on my radar screen), delivered on-time and on budget, and ultimately saved hundreds of thousands of dollars over the tenure I was involved with them."

Principal, CASE Forensics Corporation

"… we were able to ‘find’ approximately $40 million of available space, saving the company time and very real dollars … through the application of [Buildingi’s data clearinghouse] program."

Microsoft Contract Manager

"During their time supporting the Foundation, the Buildingi team has been a key strategic partner that I trust without question to use sound judgment, follow through with their commitments and provide genuinely creative problem solving."

Workplace Strategy Manager – Global Workplace Resources, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

"We have been consistently impressed with their remarkable ability to provide high quality talent that addresses the current and future needs of our operations."

Director, Corporate Real Estate and Facilities, Starbucks

"Buildingi’s ability to self-manage and present a variety of options to address our often-unconventional needs has been a strategic benefit and a delight to work with."

Director, Corporate Real Estate and Facilities, Starbucks

Workplace Solutions

In addition to figuring out how to best utilize your space, you need a way to maintain it. We are experts in complete Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) solutions, from securing new systems to optimizing existing systems.

Business Technology Solutions

Your success is dependent upon the intersection of those ideas and information and the ability of your enterprise system to foster collaboration.

Results Over Process

The ideas and information generated by your people are the keys to your success. We know how important it is to foster and protect those ideas while at the same time making them accessible so that they can have the biggest impact on your business.

About Our Company
PeopleExperienceA Different ApproachResults Over ProcessOur History
We Are A Team.
We recognize successes and learn from mistakes together
The truth about the Buildingi team is that we are fun, clever, and curious. We value the unique skills and perspectives that emerge when we truly partner with our clients. We create a culture that thrives on challenges that deliver results and on the satisfaction of knowing we are making a difference.

We Get It.
We Understand.
The most important parts of your business interconnects in ways that are often unseen if people, property and ideas are managed separately. While we can certainly help in any individual area of a company’s infrastructure, we are specialists in identifying how the pieces of the puzzle fit together and can interpret the big picture for clients in a way that often surprises and delights them.
A Different Approach
Partner With Our Clients
Mutual Trust

We approach each client and their problems with a focus on results over process. We are fortunate to have a team of talented, experienced, creative professionals from diverse backgrounds who are passionate about what they do. Many of our employees have been here for more than ten years and many of our clients have been with us just as long. New clients immediately sense our dedication and sense of purpose in the quality of work we do.

Results Over Process
We See Opportunities.
Behind Doors Previously Unnoticed

The ideas and information generated by your people are the keys to your success. We know how important it is to foster and protect those ideas while at the same time making them accessible so that they can have the biggest impact on your business. Our clients often hire us to help them with a specific workplace or business information challenge and are surprised to see how quickly we become an extension of their team. We are invested in their success, and as a part of the team with an outside perspective we often open doors our clients didn’t see and solve problems they may not have recognized.

Our History
We Are Unique
Tying Together Workplace and Technology

In our 20 years of experience, we’ve grown to manage change and growth at Fortune 500 companies across the country in diverse industries. Today, Buildingi is a boutique firm of dedicated employees in Bellevue, Washington and San Jose, Costa Rica. We serve the retail, finance, technology, and manufacturing industries, improving their productivity, enhancing their collaborative cultures, and growing their bottom lines with workplace and business technology solutions.

What We Do?
Buildingi is a leader in productivity and collaboration solutions. Our solutions focus on three core areas of a company’s most valuable business resources – their people, property, and ideas. When space is functional and technology is seamless, collaboration becomes natural. And from that collaboration, innovation is born.

Integrated Workplace Management Systems
IWMS Consulting and System Selection
Strategic Occupancy Planning
Real Estate Records Management
Enterprise Collaboration Solutions
SharePoint Consulting and Implementation
Enterprise Content Management
Designing/Providing Support Solutions
Our Client Work and References
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